• With more than 20 representations and branches, Almasrahepayam has vast regions of Iran under its coverage.
  • Bazargan, Astara, Hamadan, Yazd, Bandar Emam, Bandar Abbas, Tabriz, Mashhad, Chabahar, Jolfa, Dogharoun border, Khorramshahr, Loftabad in Khorasan , Ahvaz, Shalamcheh, Bushehr, Bandar Lengeh, Bandare Khamir
  • Active representations in the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Armenia, and …


The international shipping and transportation company of Almasrahepayam was established in 1391 (Iranian calendar) or 2012 A.D. in Tehran. The company started its extensive activities by establishing foreign representations in China, the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Turkey and Armenia in order to provide optimal services to its customers. By having representation in the abovementioned countries and being a trustworthy transporter of export, import and transit merchandise, as well as by using various methods and means of transportation, and most importantly by having competitive prices, have clearly placed this company amongst successful international shipping and transportation companies. At the present time, this company, by having an educated and experienced staff, and by utilizing the latest innovations in the trade of transportation and by having 50 trucks at its disposal to cover land transportation needs, has become involved in the freight-forwarding field. Increasing the quality of services, safety in transportation, offering all international shipping and transportation services (land, air and rail), reduction of delivery time, offering shipping consultation to clients, are all factors that have made the company proud.


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